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Collins & Null Appraisal is a full-service valuation advisory practice, with experience across the entire Southeast Region. We have credentialed professionals with years of experience focused on right-of-way, real estate appraisals and appraisal review. Our clients have included lending institutions, government agencies, 

private property owners, attorney and corporations.

  • Commercial Property Appraisal

  • Residential Property Appraisal

  • Industrial Property Appraisal 

  • Multi-Family Property Appraisal 

  • Special Purpose Property Appraisal

  • Timberland Property Appraisal

  • Office Property Appraisal

  • Conservation Easement Appraisal


Hotel and Casino Valuation - Biloxi, Mississippi 

Our Experience in the appraisal of commercial properties is vast and covers all forms of commercial real estate. One such recent commercial property was the appraisal of a Casino in Biloxi, MS. This appraisal was for Tax Appeal purposes. We have performed appraisals on other casino properties.

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Collins & Null Appraisal provides Yellow Book/USFLA appraisals for federal projects. We have worked with the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Department of Justice, Department of Interior and the US Fish and Wildlife, among others.

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