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Collins & Null Appraisal has a full-service valuation advisory practice, with resources across the entire spectrum of skill sets. We have credentialed professionals with years of experience focused on business, real estate and fixed asset valuation. We offer you a flexible and fully supported approach that features three levels of reports and access to hourly valuation advisory services.



Our Right-Of-Way experience dates back over 20 years and includes projects from North MS to South Texas. We develop cost estimates early on to help engineers with Right-Of-Way solutions to insure an efficient and Uniform Act compliant project. These cost estimates should be considered in the early planning stages and lead into a smooth appraisal and acquisition phase. We also provide Right-Of-Way acquisition services through our associate company Altas Right of Way. This experience gives us a complete understanding of all aspects of the right of way process and ensures quality from the onset.

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Expert Witness Testimony is one of our forte's. Few firm in the area have more testimony experience. We have testified in federal court, attended mediations and depositions. Our results have been complimented on. We can provide attorney referrals upon request. Our expert witness testimony have included court appointments, partitions cases, contamination, eminent domain, bankruptcy, heirship, estates and for lending institutions. Selecting an experience, qualified and competent witness is the key component to a fair and just opinion. Please contact us to discuss your case further.


Our consulting business is often utilized by government agencies, attorneys or corporation to answer complex real estate problems. We have provided consolation on highest and best use studies for annexation projects, cost estimates and planning for Right-Of-Way projects, assisted potential buyers in site selection through an analysis of available properties, provided market data brochures for pipeline companies, landsmen and attorneys to assist in the acquisition phases and vast other areas of consulting. If you would like to discuss how our vast knowledge of all aspects of real estate valuation and acquisition can help solve you real property needs, feel free to contact us.

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Our firm has two MAI appraisers with review in both right of way, review of contamination and other diminution in value reports. We consult with the client to determine the most effective solutions for review appraisal projects. We work with government agencies, law firms and other clients to ensure quality reviews. An example would be the Pearl Richland connector project. This project includes review of Right-Of-Way needed across interstate SS and working with F.H.W.A officials to ensure quality and competency.

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