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Our Right-Of-Way experience dates back over 20 years and includes projects from North MS to South Texas. We develop cost estimates early on to help engineers with Right-Of-Way solutions to insure an efficient and Uniform Act compliant project. These cost estimates should be considered in the early planning stages and will help lead the project into a smooth transition with the appraisal and acquisition phase. We also provide Right-Of-Way acquisition services through our associate company Altas Right of Way. This experience gives us a complete understanding of all aspects of the right of way process and ensures quality from the onset.

  • Appraisal

  • Acquisition

  • Pre-Construction Planning

  • Right-Of-Way Cost Estimates

Recent Projects

  • Pipeline Project - Clarke, Jasper and Smith Counties (20 parcels)

  • Pipeline Project - Covington, Jones, Perry, Greene and George Counties (200 parcels)

  • Pipeline Project – Harrison/Hancock County Pipeline Project (6 parcels)

  • Pipeline Project – Forrest County (15 Parcels)

  • Road Widening Project - Ranking County - Ridgeland (86 parcels)

  • Road Widening Project – Covington County (52 parcels)

  • Road Widening Project  – Jones County (20 parcels)

  • Road Widening Project – Covington County (17 parcels) 2011 – Mississippi Power Company  

  • Wetland Mitigation Project - Harrison County - Port Connector (40 parcels)

  • City of Petal – Sewer Department (5 parcels)

  • City of Hattiesburg – Hardy Street Project (3 parcels)

  • City of Lumberton – Community Development Block Grant (7 parcels)

  • City of Lumberton – Glide Path Project for FAA acquisition of interest required for the removal of trees in conjunction with runway (5 Parcels)

  • Electric Transmission Line Project – Smith and Forrest County

  • Electric Transmission Line Project – Lauderdale/ Clarke/ Jasper Counties (40 Parcles)

  • Electric Transmission Line Project  – Clarke and Jasper County (20 parcels)

  • Boardwalk Pipeline Project – St. Tammany Parish (Multiple Parcels)

  • Federal Project – Calhoun and Yalobusha County (15 Parcels)

  • Federal Project – Vicksburg, MS – Yellow Book Appraisals (6 Files)

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